2016 And Many More


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When life throws you a lemon, make lemonade. I pulled myself together and moved on. I will make the most out of this 2016.

I am bit by bit back into my freediving training with my buddies. And now I am also back to running with my running buddy. It is so impressive that he always survives to tag along my running. I run whatever pace I like and he never complains and yet manages to give me extra push until the end. I also learned about running shoes from my buddy. And one of the best things is he inspires me to be back to my active lifestyle which I left behind during the low season of my life in 2015. And now, I am bit by bit back to the person I was before, cheerful, active, and positive. So, thank you! I wouldn’t have bounced back so fast without you.

I can smell a lot of great exciting things are in the air for this 2016.

Lots of love! Cheers!




My 2015 In A Glance


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2015 has passed and yet first month of 2016 will soon pass. So, I decide this is the time to write a review of my 2015.

It was a year full of ups and downs, more downs to ups I have to say, but look at me, I survived it and came out even stronger and better. Someone very dear to my heart departed. On top of it, my very best friend and I had a fight over something I didn’t even understand why or what, it was just a ridiculous argument which ended up not so well. I went on a very stressful and intensive trainings for my freediving competition. I tried so hard to manage my live and to pull myself together. I held the pieces so tightly and I bent so many times so I wouldn’t break. But I have to say that God has been and is and will always be so good to me. Despite all the sorrows, many exciting things happened.

My friend and I went to Bali to shoot the very first underwater 360 video in the world for the World Expo 2015 in Milan. It was such a precious experience and the team was so wonderful. And to top the excitement, I got a very precious Molchanov’s monofin (which will cost me a fortune if I have to buy it by myself) from a dear friend, Kev, the owner of Fusion Freediving. The monofin is super comfy that I barely feel it, like a second tail to my feet. And it has the signatures from the World Champion – Alexey Molchanov and one of my most favourite freedivers, one of the best in the world, GBR very own – Michael Board. What could I ask for more.

And one of the best thing ever happen in my career, I got my own room with a big window and very nice view. I assumed a very interesting role and yet received many good feedbacks. And the new team embrace diversity very well. We respect each other and work efficiently.

Thank you 2014. It has been a very hard year but in the end, all that matter are how well we live our live and move on.




Love is…

Love is when you have something nice or something you really like, all you have in your mind is how much you wish that one special person was there to share with you….

Today one year ago, I can still remember vividly you promised me on a warm tight hug to always love me, never give up on me, and never leave me behind. Thank you! 🙂

My Winning Eleven


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So, today is my day! I celebrated it with….first, few of my very good friends. And I got this very cute tumbler that I have wanted for so long. It’s GREEN! Yes, GREEN! Couldn’t be any better 😀 A very simple yet meaningful gesture. Happiness is simple, as simple as knowing that I am surrounding by FRIENDS. And as simple as I can appreciate my life with all the blessings I don’t even deserve.

Here is the look of that cute tumbler:

And second, I celebrated with….MYSELF. Yes, it is very important to just love yourself because at the end, it is all about you and how you can love your own being before you can love other people. You have to make best friend and make peace with your own self, nobody else can do it for you. So, I did go for a run with my most favourite pair of shoes. How I wish it could have been with my most favourite person (I miss how he waited for me at the finish – of course because he always ran faster and better and beat me). I have decided since end of May that I would make 10 winning laps for my day. But I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now. So early this morning, I thought I would make only 4 laps. Then when I was actually on the running track, I thought that I could make 6 laps. Oh well, as usual, I got warmed up after 4-5 laps. So the sixth felt so easy. I thought “Okay, 8 laps will not be that difficult”. 6,7,8 were just so easy and I ended up finishing my 10 winning laps as I have planed to since the beginning. And one more lap just to cool down. I called it a “winning eleven” 🙂

So, this is my story. I hope one day I will read again this writing and remember the spirit and courage I have put through today and be strong. Give faith a fighting chance. Yes, I still believe it.

Here is the look of my most favourite pair of shoes from my most favourite person ever. Love you….since the very beginning…till the very end.

Happy Birthday!


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It’s your birthday today! I hope you know how lucky you are. And I hope you won’t take things in your life for granted.

I wish you happiness, life full of love, blessings, prosperity, longevity, and many good happy years to come. I wish you will always be beautiful, body and soul. May you get everything you want and may you appreciate it.

These words keep ringing in my head, “as long as she is happy”.
If only you know how lucky you are…. 🙂

7th June, Happy 40th birthday!

Be Part of the Miracle – Saving Eliza O’Neill


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If you happen to read this writing, I do beg you one thing: when you finish reading this, please be part of the miracle for Eliza O’Neill.

Eliza is a 4 yo happy little girl. From what I see in the pictures and videos, she is cute and so cheerful. She was diagnosed with a rare disease, SanFilippo Syndrome Type A. She will lose the ability to talk, to walk, to move, and eventually she will just pass…if she isn’t cured. She will just getting worse and worse. It is irreversible damage to the brain. So time is really precious here. The cure itself is a gene therapy conducted by a hospital in Ohio. They do a trial to cure this disease but the trial is lack of funding. Clock is tickling, they need the money to fund the trial so children like Eliza O’Neill can be cured.

What we can do to help is we can donate or we can do a simple thing, help her by spreading the story. Therefore the world will know about the syndrome and that more people will donate and they can get the money in time. We can be part of the miracle.

Below are some links to the story of Eliza O’Neill:

www.savingeliza.com –> you can donate here

http://www.wistv.com/story/25096571/film-crew-documents-familys-journey-to-find-a-cure-for-their-daughter-with-rare-disorder?autostart=true –> they were broadcasted by the local tv

http://www.nydailynews.com/family-save-4-year-old-daughter-life-viral-video-article-1.1743244 –> they were in the Daily News

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/03/saving-eliza_n_5078174.html –> they were posted by Huffingtonpost

Please click the video in the link and watch. You can decide what to do, either to donate or to share the story or to just pray for her. Every small things count 🙂 I believe all of us who watch the video will love to see this girl grows up happy and healthy. We will love to see her running around cheerfully. Who knows, by saving Eliza O’Neill, she will one day save the world 🙂

As Eliza said: “Please share” .. “Please share”

Link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0IY8qG7J-I  (this video was made by Benjamin Von Wong. He is a very talented young photographer from Canada, you can check his work here: www.vonwong.com)




Free in the Deep Blue


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I am supposed to write about this in my new blog for my underwater activities, but I am too busy to start one and I cannot resist myself to hold the story any longer. This is the best thing ever happened to me in 2013 when I said yes to Julia and Lukas from apneabali (check apneabali.com) to train with them for the One Breath Jamboree 2013. I went back and forth to Bali for the trainings, but I didn’t always get lucky because I am easily attacked by stomach bugs. For sure we know that stomach bug is not good for freediver, because we use belly breathing. Besides, it is not nice to hold your breath while having the (severe) stomachache.

One Breath Jamboree 2013 was my first ever freediving competition. I did 2 dives. One was Free Immersion (descending by pulling the line down and back to the surface by pulling as well) and the other one was Contant Weight (descending by swimming using fins – bifins or monofin). I got white cards for both dives meaning my dives were valid with proper Surface Protocol (take off the facial equipment, give OK sign, and say “I am OK” on the sequentially). So, with the two white cards I am now the First Indonesia Female National Records Holder for Free Immersion and Constant Weight. Thank you a bunch Julia and Lukas! for having me at Apnea Bali.


The dives were amazing easy dives. I am so grateful to have Lukas and Julia as my instructors and coach and safety diver. I really cannot ask for more. It’s more than I deserve. They took good care of me, encouraged me, and they were the happiest persons at the platform when I got my white cards. Lukas even smiled to me on my way back to surface with the tag (yes, we have to bring a tag from the bottom to prove that we reach the depth). He doesn’t smile that much, so seeing him smiling was a huge pleasure!! I mean it and I treasure it!

I miss Bali and Apnea Bali. I wish to go back there soon and dive again. Go deeper and train to be better and better. As Miquel said, freediving is about continuous learning. We don’t stop. We find ourselves by keep learning and keep diving.



Into The Zone


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Into the Zone

I love her! See that smile? I can’t resist that smile. She always knows how to make me feel better. Together with Lukas, they take me for the trainings. And I am grateful for being with them this year, 2012. After the severe accident that took my dear friend away, it was so hard to go back to the water. And yet, I said yes to train with them and that saved me. Now I get back to the water. I even love it more.

Well, what I want to say here is that I really love this picture. I got it last night from Shane. I love the way Julia held me on my relaxation and breathing right before I entered the competition zone so I did not need to use my energy to hang on by my own. I remembered how a wonderful coach she was on that day and with Lukas down there as the safety diver. More than I can ask for. A family where I always feel welcomed.

And by the way, she is Julia the highness, yet the dangerous one. We all love her! ❤

Run…! Run…! Run…!


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So…I really want to run 10K at Bromo Marathon this coming Sunday! But…my left ankle hurts! Chance is that I will not be able to “run”.and it’s uphill..so “walking” will definitely not bring me to the finish line within the allowed 2.5 hours time… Need to get better so I can really run…! I really wish I will be able to finish it well..

My Family, My Life

Barusan banget habis mampir di Group FB MAPEKA. Ada video pendek pas pelepasan Diklatsar XXXV. Melihat senyum-senyum di wajah calon anggota baru itu mengingatkanku apa sih arti MAPEKA itu bagiku.

Dulu pas daftar ikut Diklatsar MAPEKA apa sih yang sebenarnya ada di otakku? Banyak unit kegiatan lain yang bagus-bagus. Ga ikut unit kegiatan juga ga jadi masalah pas tahun kuliahku. Trus apa donk? Ikut-ikutan teman? Ga juga sebenarnya. Malah hampir semua yang kuajak daftar barengan ga ada yang mau. Lalu…merasa ketipu ga sih masuk MAPEKA? Jujur aja selama diklatsarnya mah berasa banget ketipu. Gimana engga coba? Diklatsar 12 hari! Gunung, sungai, hutan, disuruh survival hanya dengan 5 batang korek api saja tanpa makanan dan tanpa air, rawa, dan longmarch. Belum lagi kaki yang blister dari ujung jari sampai ujung tumit. Blister infeksi karena kena air, tanah, pasir, lumpur, dibawa jalan berapa puluh kilo di aspal yang panas pas longmarch. Edan banget pokoknya.

Setelah lama di Mapeka, masih nyesal ga sih? Sejujurnya aku bersyukur banget dulu daftar masuk MAPEKA. Di MAPEKA, kita belajar sangat banyak hal. Mulai dari belajar berorganisasi, ilmu hutan gunung dan orientasi medan, ilmu medis, caving, climbing, dll. Tetapi banyak sekali hal yang mungkin ga akan aku dapatkan kalau bergabung di unit kegiatan lain. Salah satunya adalah mental dan kekeluargaan. Dulu kalau yang namanya rapat anggota, siap-siap deh seharian (dan semalaman) di ruang rapat. Dan serunya, semuanya demokrasi banget. Semua berpendapat, mulai dari cara paling halus ampe paling ekstrem (baca: lempar-lemparan kursi) semuanya ada di sini. Tapi begitu keluar dari ruang rapat, peluk-pelukan lagi, makan bareng, candaan lagi. Semuanya hanya terjadi dan selesai di dalam ruang rapat saja. Tapi hasilnya sekarang kalau diaplikasikan di kehidupan kerja, mau dimaki-maki bos, diomel-omelin, tetap aja tegar. Ga pake acara nangis-nangisan, bete, pundung, dll. Wong dulu dah pernah yang lebih parah.

Kalau mau diakui mah, kehidupan berorganisasi di MAPEKA cukup keras, tapi untuk hal ini aku bersyukur karena membuatku (anak bungsu yang selalu dimanja di keluarga) bisa belajar untuk tegar, mandiri, dan ga manja.

MAPEKA bagiku adalah tempat belajar yang luar biasa. Tempat di mana kita bisa membuat kesalahan dan belajar dari kesalahan tersebut untuk menjadi orang yang lebih baik. Tempat di mana kita bisa berprestasi dan belajar untuk tetap tidak sombong.

MAPEKA bagiku adalah keluarga. Tempat di mana kita selalu bisa berpaling dan bercengkerama. Kalau ga ada tempat menginap di Bandung, tinggal datang aja ke sanggar. Bisa tidur, nonton tivi, bikin kopi, bikin indomie, mandi, menikmati udara malam Bandung dan pemandangan citylight.

MAPEKA is my family, my life.