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When life throws you a lemon, make lemonade. I pulled myself together and moved on. I will make the most out of this 2016.

I am bit by bit back into my freediving training with my buddies. And now I am also back to running with my running buddy. It is so impressive that he always survives to tag along my running. I run whatever pace I like and he never complains and yet manages to give me extra push until the end. I also learned about running shoes from my buddy. And one of the best things is he inspires me to be back to my active lifestyle which I left behind during the low season of my life in 2015. And now, I am bit by bit back to the person I was before, cheerful, active, and positive. So, thank you! I wouldn’t have bounced back so fast without you.

I can smell a lot of great exciting things are in the air for this 2016.

Lots of love! Cheers!