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2015 has passed and yet first month of 2016 will soon pass. So, I decide this is the time to write a review of my 2015.

It was a year full of ups and downs, more downs to ups I have to say, but look at me, I survived it and came out even stronger and better. Someone very dear to my heart departed. On top of it, my very best friend and I had a fight over something I didn’t even understand why or what, it was just a ridiculous argument which ended up not so well. I went on a very stressful and intensive trainings for my freediving competition. I tried so hard to manage my live and to pull myself together. I held the pieces so tightly and I bent so many times so I wouldn’t break. But I have to say that God has been and is and will always be so good to me. Despite all the sorrows, many exciting things happened.

My friend and I went to Bali to shoot the very first underwater 360 video in the world for the World Expo 2015 in Milan. It was such a precious experience and the team was so wonderful. And to top the excitement, I got a very precious Molchanov’s monofin (which will cost me a fortune if I have to buy it by myself) from a dear friend, Kev, the owner of Fusion Freediving. The monofin is super comfy that I barely feel it, like a second tail to my feet. And it has the signatures from the World Champion – Alexey Molchanov and one of my most favourite freedivers, one of the best in the world, GBR very own – Michael Board. What could I ask for more.

And one of the best thing ever happen in my career, I got my own room with a big window and very nice view. I assumed a very interesting role and yet received many good feedbacks. And the new team embrace diversity very well. We respect each other and work efficiently.

Thank you 2014. It has been a very hard year but in the end, all that matter are how well we live our live and move on.