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So, today is my day! I celebrated it with….first, few of my very good friends. And I got this very cute tumbler that I have wanted for so long. It’s GREEN! Yes, GREEN! Couldn’t be any better 😀 A very simple yet meaningful gesture. Happiness is simple, as simple as knowing that I am surrounding by FRIENDS. And as simple as I can appreciate my life with all the blessings I don’t even deserve.

Here is the look of that cute tumbler:

And second, I celebrated with….MYSELF. Yes, it is very important to just love yourself because at the end, it is all about you and how you can love your own being before you can love other people. You have to make best friend and make peace with your own self, nobody else can do it for you. So, I did go for a run with my most favourite pair of shoes. How I wish it could have been with my most favourite person (I miss how he waited for me at the finish – of course because he always ran faster and better and beat me). I have decided since end of May that I would make 10 winning laps for my day. But I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now. So early this morning, I thought I would make only 4 laps. Then when I was actually on the running track, I thought that I could make 6 laps. Oh well, as usual, I got warmed up after 4-5 laps. So the sixth felt so easy. I thought “Okay, 8 laps will not be that difficult”. 6,7,8 were just so easy and I ended up finishing my 10 winning laps as I have planed to since the beginning. And one more lap just to cool down. I called it a “winning eleven” 🙂

So, this is my story. I hope one day I will read again this writing and remember the spirit and courage I have put through today and be strong. Give faith a fighting chance. Yes, I still believe it.

Here is the look of my most favourite pair of shoes from my most favourite person ever. Love you….since the very beginning…till the very end.