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Into the Zone

I love her! See that smile? I can’t resist that smile. She always knows how to make me feel better. Together with Lukas, they take me for the trainings. And I am grateful for being with them this year, 2012. After the severe accident that took my dear friend away, it was so hard to go back to the water. And yet, I said yes to train with them and that saved me. Now I get back to the water. I even love it more.

Well, what I want to say here is that I really love this picture. I got it last night from Shane. I love the way Julia held me on my relaxation and breathing right before I entered the competition zone so I did not need to use my energy to hang on by my own. I remembered how a wonderful coach she was on that day and with Lukas down there as the safety diver. More than I can ask for. A family where I always feel welcomed.

And by the way, she is Julia the highness, yet the dangerous one. We all love her! ❤